The Cycle

One of my favorite things about making cereal is finishing a box and discarding the carton. Through that I’ve created a whole new cycle for this product to live in. The garbage man sees it, a parent tailing the garbage truck sees it, the recycling staff see it. The birds see it. The bees see it. It’s a whole new experience that lives beyond the contents within it.

In the process of making cereal one of the joys has been designing the packaging. It was what I saved for last because I knew it would empower me to make an incredible flavor. In the highly superficial society we live in the cosmetic appeal of a thing is enough to garner its praise, though the contents within it often go unexamined (society has always been this way, though that’s for another time).

When I was young I would see empty McDonald’s french fry cartons in the street. They would be flattened by street traffic, often faded by time, wandering freely by way of the city winds. As much as the cartons were nearly unrecognizable from their original state inside of a warm and toasty McDonald’s franchise, the taste and flavor never left my mind. It did not change my opinion of the fry. In fact, it served as a reminder each time I saw it.

That is the power of branding. Much of the process in making Cinnamon Squares was ensuring the packaging reflected the product. That when you saw this pretty box, the contents inside it would match the feeling of it’s packaging. That’s a true experience. I am unswayed by McDonald’s litter because I’ve tasted those fries, I know that flavor.

I receive messages from those savoring Cereal & Such boxes after its use or refusing to dispose of them. I understand why -  but I would encourage you: dispose of it. Crumble it up, toss it in the garbage. Give it new life. Normalize seeing a pretty cereal box sitting in the trash.

I enjoy the cycle because it has use beyond it’s intended purpose. It goes beyond what I fathom for it. I hope to see more Cereal & Such cartons in the street. Reality is my preferred vein of branding.
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